Wama children aid in Uk is a a team of people who are working together this team is Led by Wama UK Mission administrator known as Lisset Hossana who resides in UK, to support wama development foundation, a charity organization which is registered in Uganda to support the orphans and the vulnerable children to have a better future and a good education in the fear of God.

In Uganda, we have an orphanage school which is educating 200 children both orphans and vulnerable in the district of Bugiri, in the eastern part of Uganda. There is a children’s shelter which is sheltering 80 children, though it has been struggling with having a permanent structures, finally it has enough land to build the children’s permanent shelter and foundation premises, Pastor Steven Hynes Kakuma, has a church called – Center of Hope, which is winning souls in Bugiri town, and in the district all at large,



Wama development foundation Reg No. BGR 1059/30105

Wama development foundation Reg No. BGR 1059/30184


The foundation has 500 children who are registered in it, and among them, there are those with special care, disabled ones, HIV/AIDS infected, etc.

                                                                                                           Lisset Gata Garlobo

                                                                UK WAMA MISSION CO-ORDINATOR                                                                                                  

                                                                                                     mailto: lissete@wdfuk.org

                                                                                                 Mr.Steven Hynes Kakuma 

                                                                Director of Wama development foundation                                                                             


                                                                                    Mrs Jane Babirye

                                                                                    Ugandan Country Director


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