Lets save our gals

To fill the gap, we at WDF, we are trying to teach girls and their parents how to make low-cost reusable menstrual pads out of soft cloths they have at home. We also involve the wider community to address cultural taboos around not discussing menstruation. Now, supported schools have added making reusable pads into their art and craft and school health club activities.

But beyond teaching girls and women how to make menstrual pads, we still need to address the issues they face holistically by advocating for the provision of affordable solutions for every girl in every school as a basic right and a pledge to "provide the facilities and opportunities necessary to enhance the welfare of women to enable them realize their full potential and advancement". Sanitary towels and bathrooms seem a small price to pay for helping a girl to access a complete education.

Your welcome to support us in donating usable sanitary pads to 200 schools in the Eastern part of Uganda throughout this 3 months left before the year ends

Feel free to donate online through our PayPal pool for the WDF gals4pads program


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