Go into all the world…what a tremendous privilege it is to be serving the Lord in Uganda and with christians worldwide should be celebrating the fact that our Savior is alive, and that we have the opportunity to share this Good News with everyone we meet – in foreign lands, and in our back yard. All it takes is saying “Yes, Lord, I will.” We invite you to consider being a part of our work, through going,giving,and praying.


Thank you for your faithful service to the Lord!


Wama children’s aid Uk …telling the world about Jesus. Our vision is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, through church planting, construction, medical, and educational avenues majorly in Uganda and to other places where God will lead us Help for today, Hope for tomorrow, Heaven for eternity!


James 2:17 (NAS) says, “Even so faith, if it has no works, is dead, being by itself.” We demonstrate our faith through fulfilling needs – for medical care, housing, clothing, and food; and by helping indigenous missionaries in their work for the Lord. We want to use the skills and talents God has given us to impact the world for Jesus Christ, while also facilitating the involvement of others in Uganda missions, allowing them to use the gifts that God has given them.


We invite you and your church to partner with us!!


Experience the excitement and joy of traveling by “bush” plane into a remote jungle village and sharing the gospel with unreached people. Some villages, although exposed to the gospel, have never understood and received the gift of salvation. They are in darkness and need eternal changes that only come through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. Or, travel to a village 14,000 feet up in the mountains of Elgon , or Rwenzori in Uganda . These villagers have little to no access to the gospel…. “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news of good things!” (Romans 10:15 NAS) Or, visit an impoverished African village, where thousands of children wander the streets, left orphans by the devastating Aids epidemic. Or go with us to the streets of haiti, where forgotten children survive on what they can beg and steal.


Take the hope of Jesus Christ to those without hope…


Our mission team program is designed to help everyone get involved in “going” – churches who may not have a missions program; Sunday School classes; youth groups; mission groups; Bible study groups; Prayer teams, other Christian group, and individuals. It is estimated that 99% of Christians never go on a mission trip. We want to join hands with all of these to get more people on the mission field.

Our team helps plan, organize, and implement mission trips, including details such as advising on immunizations, passport and visa requirements, scheduling flight arrangements and in-country accommodations. Mission volunteers may choose a scheduled trip, or for larger groups, we plan trips especially for the team, with the place and time to fit needs. We are flexible in working with each group; ie, larger churches may desire to plan their own trips, and simply join in our work on the field, while smaller churches may request that we plan the entire trip, or provide them the resources to do so. Our desire is simply to facilitate the involvement of others in mission trips “into all the world.”


When we do the coordinating and working on details, mission teams can focus on prayer and preparation for the trip. We strive to have well-trained mission volunteers who will be effective for the Lord on the mission field, able to share the gospel in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads.


We would be blessed by the opportunity to work with you and your church to help facilitate a mission trip to various parts of Uganda in support of the children and communitie.

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