Mudola Rakib is 7 years old , and he is so excited to have got a god mother or rather a sponsor from Germany to aid him with his school education and health , its a blessing to have more people coming in to take on the mantle of helping some of our vulnerable and orphaned children Registered in our foundation .We believe that even a journey of 1000 miles there is always the first step taken of faith , Today you can also take that first step and become a god mother or a god father or a sponsor just like the way other people love it called , Get the opportunity of breathing life into some African or Ugandan child
Take a leap of faith with us at WDF Uganda today .


Shamim one of our WDF registered child was blessed with support of a wheel chair Donated from the Germany WDF fraternity or club ,A school bag Donated from Australia and a reusuable Pad and Mosquito net from UK. Shamim was born normal but later she was affected by Polio and retardness which made both her legs cripled , She is in primary one and she had issues with how to get to school , It was a great concern for our office in Uganda , Glory be to God that now she has a means of movement to aid her to school , In our Foundation , we have more diasabled children who are like Shamim and daily pray that they may get help of having a wheelchair too, We pray that by next year all our 23 Disabled registered children would get wheelchairs ,
God bless you all with loving and kind hearts


We take this wonderful opportunity to thank all our beloved Donors and friends who stood with us once again in celebrating with our children at the foundation, As our yearly customs at the foundation to create a children's christmas Party , it was so awesome that 125 children attended , we had much food to eat, the drinks , we gave out gifts like school bags to 47 children,we gave out Mosquito nets which was still our seecond round too to 15 more other children, we gave out ...a wheel chair to one of our registered disabled child in the foundation , though we have so many disabled registered but step by step we serve as our resources enable us, Our Gals4pads program also goes on so far more other 6 teenage sponsored children got their Sanitary reusuable Pads in our second round give out . It was a great moment for our children as finally the 2019 Cake was cut which was also Baked and sent by one of our sponsors . We thank all our staffs and helpers at the foundation who tiresomely make all programs happen , Thanks to our Germany family, Our UK family , Our USA family and Our Australian Family . We wish you all a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.
From WDF Administration
Uganda .


Christmas periods are knocking at the door and in Uganda we start planning on our we can make a great, happy and eventful Christmas party for the children at the foundation .

 Please join hands with us as we raise 800 euros for the Christmas party and meals festival to our 250 orphans at the center for this 2019 end of year




Myths and stereotypes about albinism abound. People with the condition are called derogatory names, like namagoya – the white baboon – or people who are cursed. They are stared at, and must field ignorant questions.


Some beliefs about albinism are incredibly dangerous, like the idea that having sex with a woman with albinism will cure a man of HIV. The bones and body parts of people with albinism are believed by some to bring good luck. In Uganda and countries like Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe, people with albinism are hunted so their body parts, particularly their hands and genitals, can be used in traditional medicine.


Albinism is a word derived from the Latin albus, meaning white. It’s a genetically inherited condition where a shortage of melanin pigment affects the eyes, hair and skin. Most people with albinism tend to have light hair, skin and eyes – but their other facial features and hair texture resemble those of Africans. They are usually born into black African families.


This means people with albinism tend to identify with the black rather than the white community. Their physical differences, though, mean they don’t fit into either the black or white race groups. I worked with our country director Mrs Babirye Jane in Uganda at WDF, to try and understand the experience and contradiction of being a black person in a white skin and we Related it to post-apartheid in South Africa.


People with albinism often battle poor vision and blindness because of their condition. The students we interviewed struggled to keep up in lectures because they couldn’t see the board properly.


There were other struggles, too. Our findings confirmed the lack of knowledge about albinism, as well as stigma, “othering” – to separate “them” from “us” – and discrimination in relation to people with this condition.


Stigma and stares

 About one out of every 2000 Ugandan is living with albinism. Although the dangers aren’t as great in Uganda as for those in countries such as Tanzania, Kenya and Zimbabwe, people with albinism still struggle with stigma and discrimination.


We interviewed 15 parents with such children and also interviewed 10 parents in different villages in Bugiri who have no such children and still also 10 students in a primary school and 5 university students with albinism and 10 students at the same primary school and university without the condition. The institution in question is a large urban university with several satellite campuses. There are an estimated 10 students with albinism registered at this university; it is not compulsory to register with the institution’s programme for disabled students and some people with albinism do not regard themselves as being disabled.


Our aim was to explore the beliefs and practices regarding albinism within ugandan villages and urban university. What we found exposed the sort of discrimination and “othering” that people with albinism experience.


One of the students with albinism said:


Honestly, I think albinism is a curse because people always stare at me, talk about me behind my back and also make very nasty remarks when I pass, saying that I do not know that my father is not black but is a white person and that is why I look the way I do.


This type of comment highlights the intersection of race, colour and gender in the social construction of such beliefs.


A student without albinism believed that albinos


don’t die, they just go missing and they disappear. Last year when I was pregnant, I was told that I must not look at the albinos because if I do I will get a child with albinism or if I do look at them by mistake I should spit at them to avoid a child with albinism.


Such forms of stigma have far-reaching psychopathological ramifications, such as self-exclusion from services, alienation and social withdrawal, loss of identity, poor self-image, depression and anxiety.


Stereotypes also dramatically affected the way people without albinism interacted with people with albinism. This in turn influenced how people with albinism viewed themselves. One student with the condition remarked: “I always have to prove myself, work extra hard and put in more effort into everything so that people can see me as ‘normal’.”


Isolation was another problem for students with albinism. They preferred to exclude themselves from the rest of the student population to avoid being judged or experiencing discrimination.


The students who didn’t have albinism said they were willing to befriend people with the condition – but wouldn’t necessarily go on dates with them. Those students who had befriended peers with albinism said they were able to value and appreciate the person behind the condition.


Learning and empowerment

 So what are the lessons that can be learned from this research? How can the world learn more about albinism and start breaking down the myths around it?


We recommend that schools provide knowledge and awareness programmes about the condition of albinism in the Life Orientation curriculum. Life Orientation is the holistic study of the self in relation to others and to society and focuses on the personal, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth of learners. This subject is usually offered in the begiining of a primary school term or the last three years of high school.


Universities , colleges and Primary schools also need to engage in awareness programmes with students , teachers and lecturers. These programmes must explore the impact of beliefs and stereotypes on people affected by this condition, and the challenges posed by reading lecture notes.


At WDF in Uganda , we urge Social workers, psychologists, nurses and other helping professionals need to arrange support groups and educate parents, learners, teachers, traditional healers and the general public about what causes albinism. They can also teach people how to treat those with the condition and equip those with albinism to handle discrimination.


People living with albinism must be given the tools they need to exercise agency and help play an active role in breaking the cycle of stigma and discrimination. By being out in the world, empowered to discuss their condition, they can demystify it and be positive role models.


Through these strategies we can hopefully create a safer, more just, humane and caring society where the rights of all groups are respected.

 Stand with Wama Development Foundation in carrying out an awareness of informing and sensitizing the community of who the Albinals are and how harmless they are .

 Created by ;

 Steven Hynes

 Founder of WDF


September 20th, 2019

We thank our lovely friends from Uk who sent to the foundation boxes of mosquito nets that were recieved by our director in Uganda and our children coordinator who Doubles as our driver still at the foundation
We will be giving them to the children in our foundation to prevent the rampant Malaria in our children and still more we need .

September 09th, 2019

Peace begins with a smile. Smile five times a day to a person you do not want to smile at: do it for the sake of peace. "
mother Theresa

Do you want to put this smile on Tracy's face today, because the little girl has a big dream ... She also wants a sponsor who will support her to attend school.
Who can make her dream come true ???
If you want to support Tracy we would be very happy about your contact.

September 09th, 2019

Do not act as if you had ten thousand years to throw away. Death stands at your elbow. Be good for something while you live and it is in your power.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Be a blessing today as we strife to take back such children to school and also fight against hunger and starvation in Eastern Uganda .

join Our cause today . its calling


September 09th, 2019

To See What Is Right And Not Do It Is A Lack Of Courage

Support us with more school books and pens for our registered orphans in the foundation as their final year school term begins on monday the 9th .
Be a blessing today to a child in Uganda ,

June 14th, 2019

Today , we registered 4 more children that we abandoned at our foundation entrance by an old grandmother , who says she cant afford to support the 4 orphans of her late son and daughter , The old woman seemed in her 80s age, 
The children stopped studying long time due to the inability of the grandmother to take them to school and to support their needs , 
We took in , Sam, David, Luke and sarah , 
These children are into our foundation Sponsorship data base and we are seeking for anyone who would love to sponsor a child please to message us or any of ouradministrations both in UK, in Germany , and in Australia for more information , 
God bless whoever will come in with a hand of help

June 2ND, 2019

On friday our orphans also receiving school books and pens at wama junior academy.

On friday we visited another school known as Ndifakula community school wheresome of our children study from. we gave them books and pens and pencils and secured some forms and slips from our children of the foundation.

What a happy day :-)

Yesterday we managed to buy 150 kgs of rice and 30kgs of corn flour for our orphanage. Thank you to all sponsors in germany and australia who made that possible. 

April 25th, 2019

Mutesi Shatra has found a sponsor from germany. Her parents died both and she stays with her grandmother. Now she can finally go to school. She is so happy and excited. Thank you Wanda. 

April 25th, 2019

We are so happy and thankful, two of our children found a sponsor from australia. Thank you for your good heart. God bless you always.
Namudora Hannah and Kisakye Precious are very excited that they now the chance of a good life and future.

April 20th, 2019

Today we celebrated our traditional Easter dinner together with 185 small and big children in our orphanage. Thanks for all the donations. We all enjoyed the food and after that we had a lot of games and dances. For all children it was an unforgettable party. 

We wish you a blessed Easter.

March 25th, 2019

Every year at our orphanage , we celebrate Easter or the resurrection day with the orphans through having a meal and share our happiness with the children who would feel left out due to the loss of their parents of bread winners ,
Join us as we seek for 800 euros to feeds 280 children throughout the Easter period
in Uganda , eating and drinking and being happy makes a child flourish

support the Easter wama orphanage meal 2019...
through, our official paypal account

March 11th, 2019

we are proud to show you the new pics from our school. We have now all the ironsheets, they are six classes roofed, and covered.
Many things are done, but still we must do alot more there. We´ll be happy, if some people donate for our school.

A few minutes ago, these pictures reached me from our orphanage in Uganda. Aisha is very happy, she thanks her godmother Patty for her support. The girl is super happy that she now can go to school. Thanks Patty for your great support.

February 21th, 2019

? What a great joy it was in the orphanage today for Eseza.

Daniela had sent a birthday package for her with wonderful things.

The little girl could not believe that all the beautiful things belonged to her now. 

January 27th, 2019


Eseza thanking Daniela for accepting to sponsor her. 
She´s so happy, that she have now a german mother.

January 27th, 2019


RESTY, she is very happy that her sponsor still paying for her since 3 years. She appreciates all the support from her Godmother Sabrina from Germany. 
And the team from WDF say Thank YOU too.?

January 27th, 2019

? AISHA, she´s so, so happy, because she is having a sponsor. In the pictures she is thanking her Godmother Patty from USA for accepting to sponsor her?.

29th December 2018

Education is definitely important in one`s life. A gift of knowledge can bring us to the top of our dreams. It leads us to the right path and gives us a chance to have a wonderful life. Education makes people capable of doing new interesting things that can go a long way to improving human living conditions and standards. Our whole life is the process of learning and gaining new useful knowledge. We should always remember that getting a good education is imperative in today`...s society as it is a foundation of our successful future. Our education is really worth investment. Only if you believe and work hard you can achieve anything.
In WDF, we are supporting more than 400 hundred orphans and vulnerables with education as one of the Basic needs for a child , We are constructing an orphanage school for the children from nursery level to primary Seven, Donate to our cause as we raise a community school to benefit the many children.
Visit our website or message us on here incase you are interested to stand with us

Email . steven@wdfuganda.org

December 2018

This is how christmas period was spent and celebrated with the orphans at WDF , it was so little but atleast the children danced , played, ate , drunk and had a great moment with each other , its a blessings and thanks to all friends who managed to support this to be present .

we had 130 children and all were happy ,

God bless you all


Today we moved to different places in Bugiri District where WDF uganda operates , we supplied food, sugar , soap and home utensils to the elders who are under our care and foundation programmes, it was so great as Lisa spearheaded the activity which was so emotional and touching, some of the elderly are affected with jiggers and in a very poor houses . 
It's always about a loving heart that as the audacity to show loving by giving .


Today we spent much time at the foundation in meetings and meetings of how to run the foundation smoothly and how to make ways on how to carry out the so many programs on our workplans for the year 2019. We are remolding our orphanage school so we can cut off the so much payments towards the children school fees payments. 
We thank our administratpt from German, Lisa Hynes with the new ideas and plans of how to execute. 
We still welcome volunteers and donors to work with us in Uganda. 


Today Lisa Visited the foundation offices where she navigated the orphanage structures under going the construction, navigated the children's kitchen too which is under construction we 10 rooms for the children, checked on with the foundation documents and new children's profile.
Still today because all the children are in school , we will be visiting some of different children at their schools though hey are doing their final exams for the year .
It was great time for me, Alex the managing director and Lisa our Germany administrator. 


We had a spezial Moment with one of our sponsored child in WDF known as kagoya Brenda, We thank her sponsor Marlis for all the school fees and monthly support given to Brenda , Our Germany administrator took initiative of representing Marlis in person and also giving in her gift of support still of 50 euros for schools , books , and some personal items needed by Brenda. In WDF we are always transparent in all ways . 
This whole week we are visiting our children in different schools. 


What a blessing, Our very own Lisa blessed the children of which some are of WDF and some of the church with some little gifts that carry a sign of love from Germany to Uganda 
it was a great joy on the faces of the children , 
Many gave her hugs as a sign of appreciation and love back 
Glory be to God 


Managing Director , project manager and some of the staff of WDF, had a great strategic plan design and meeting for the foundation, the meeting took two days , among the agenda was, how we are to finish the construction of the foundation offices , the orphanage home, the children's kitchen, the detailed budget of the school payments for the children that are sponsored and those whom we registered the 400, the plan of reviving the construction of the orphanage school and ... lastly the implementation of other projects within WDF.

They had time also and brainstormed on how we can get more volunteers from the international countries, both in administration sector, the community implementation sector and also the donor sector. 
WDF, has alot of land to carry on more projects but we have no support besides the sponsorship.
We seek for more administrators and co-ordinators within different parts of the world those who feel and have the love of supporting the children and the devastated communities in Uganda, africa. 


They children say THANK YOU to the german donors and spanish church. They are so thankful.


The director from the foundation given out spome pencils and tooth brushes to the children, sponsored from our german sponsor Lisa.
Thanks alot.


Some of our sponsored children say THANK YOU to their donors.
They are so happy, that they can go to scholl every day.

Are you interested to sponsor a child, feel free to contact us:
We´ll be happy to hear from you.....


Mrs. Stella our girl child counsellor, carrying out health reproductive program at Ndifakulya primary school in Bugiri District, we gave out pads, pants and books to 200 girls children. It was success to the girls.

21/06/2018 - DATA RECOVERY

Children Data Recovery in Kapyanga Subcounty , We have got 200 orphans registered under WDF , many of these children are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS , and they are being taken care of much by their guardians and girl headed families
In the Pictures , its WDF project officers in charge of children, Youth and Community Development faciliator carrying out more information on the children who seek for support and to the families which are headed by children 

25/05/2018 THANKS

Taaka Birungi the 4 year old girl who was raped and she contracted HIV/AIDS is getting constant treatment and she got started on her ARVs. 
Thanks to the family of Lisa and her family for making sure that the child gets the needed treatment. 
in the pictures, the team of WDF, pays a visit to the affected and always support being provided. 
Money for food and shelter and the pep treatment.


10/05/2018 URGENT!!!!!!


The young girl in the picture is called Taaka, she is 4 years, she was raped by an Uncle, The Uncle is HIV Positive and right now the young girl is infected too.

We have managed to send the man to police and soon he will be facing the state attorney.

Taaka, needs daily ARVs to survive and she need a safe place to live and also to enroll in school. This case is still on the radio waves, it has occured in Bugiri in our working area.

In the pictures you see the social workers of WDF carring out investigations and making reports, we teamed up with the health workers to carry out testings and it was confirmed.

Taaka longs for some one to sponsor her so she can not live in a live of stigma and discrimination, WDF operates in making such children's future bright

We appeal to friends to support Taaka to be able to live and live for the future .

If you have any support for Taaka please contact us:



28/04/2018 - Smiling Faces

Its that smile that makes me wake up early, go to office , Sit on my computer and share your stories of the same children like you so they can have someone or a sponsor to help them to be at school,

 James and Mike just back from their schools  its holiday and happy to be helping with dish and utensil washing with in their caretaker's place these two are supported by WDF,

please feel free to sponsor a child in WDF as they look forward to joining school again in 2-3 weeks.

15/04/2018 - clip from the foundation


We are happy to show you a little clip from our foundation. Welcolme to WAMA DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION.




Yesterday it was a great day at the new orphanage home. It was a great easter meal for the children. Thanks to all supporters who made it possible.



Kulusumu is sending some greetings to her mother Anais to switzerland. The little girl is very thankful, because now she can go to school and learn much......and she want to learn soooooooo much........



We are so happy, one of our children have a sponsor from switzerland. Babirye Kumusumu is very excited to have a "white mother" now.

Anais, we welcome you in our little WDF family.


Happy Easter moments are being felt already in Wama Development Foundation.

The little ones are making Easter cards to their Godly families abroad. Please join hands with us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus from the dead.


Digging for water at the foundation premises. That is a man power shadoff or borehole handing digging. It takes one month or more to dig to reach to the water core. If we get water, then it will supply the whole orphanage.
It has to be 90 feet down the ground.


 Ndawula FIK, one of or sponsored children, thanking his mother and father, for the school fees.



The next step on the new orphanage home is done - orphanage and office ceiling.



Your prayers are welcome as we seek for more support to put more children in school.

This January we are in a struggle of acquiring books, new school bags, school shoes and scholastic materials.

 Please stand with us as children report back to their schools.


Our children from wama children of uganda are sending merry christmas wishes allover the whole world.


There are so many people in Uganda, more so in the eastern region who are discriminated and isolated and among these people are the disabled children and women, they struggle to live and even to survive but none cares to give them a hand, many want wheel chairs, and to the special children, a special disabled school to be established, but the more they cry , the more none hears or pays attention to them.

 Today WDF joined hand in Hand with World vision, visited a sub-county called Buwunga, to teach and educate the importance of such children of women in the society.

 Stand with us as we seek wheel chairs for these children who are disabled.



It was a great merry Christmas party yesterday for our children in our orphanage home.

Thanks to all our donors and supporters who make that party possible.

Glory be to our GOD and merry Christmas to all of you.


We are so happy, one more child has a sponsor from germany.

Naigaga Brenda, she is 11 years old. She just lost her mother two weeks ago. She has,no father apart from her old grand mother.

 Thank you Marlis from germany for your big heart.


Nakato Thanking her sponsor from USA and also wishing her a merry christmas , 2017

 its a blessing to know that someone somewhere cares

 Take a blessing today by sponsoring a child in WDF


God intends to give us what we need, not what we now think we want (C S Lewis)

In the pictures, we see the current progress of the orphanage home and the foundation head quaters, Habakkuk 2;2; says, write down your vision so that the runner may run but in its right time, the vision will come to pass.

With due respect, i thank all our donors who have been and still who are patient with us, that we will fully deal away with the much renting issues very soon , our children will be safe and secured , our programmes and activities are going to be smoothly ran and worked on. We give all the glory to God.

Every day, God is doing something new. Volunteers and donors are more welcome to be part of what we are doing in Uganda.


The boys in their free time from school, its awesome to see the play a game that unites them, they forget all their ethnic roots and look at themselves as one family under WDF.

Even though there is a lot of political instabilities in Uganda, we thank God who has kept them safe at their respective school.


Nakato very happy after her sponsor bought for her dresses and shoes, thats when you see a child's joy knowing by christmas she will be the lady of the day at the orphanage.

 Thank you mummy Deborah from USA .


These pictures from the construction site are just reaching me. Wow, it's wonderful to see, how the construction is growing more every day.




29/10/2017 - THE FLOOR

This week a next big step ist done. The floor from the orphanage is made. THANKS to all, who make that possible.






We had a wonderful evening at the construction side, together with the children and the staff. See how it was......


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