Party mood in WDF ?

Today was a big day in our orphanage. The widows were given 2 sewing machines by a dear german donor. Wow, what a pleasure. So long, the women have desired sewing machines and now the beginning is finally made. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the women, the team and of course, from me for this great gift. ?
Would you also like to support this project, then I look forward to the contact with you.


Women group at WDF headquters attending their art and craft lessons . All the project officers in charge of skill development passing on their knowledge to the women ,
we have groups of women into different skills , like , catering , tailoring , mat making, shoe craft making, liquid soap making, vaseline making , candle making, Pads making 

06. may 2018 - mats and hand washing soap

Yesterday was a busy day on WDF here in Bugiri,Sharifa, our women officer trained the widows in how to make mats and hand wash soap.

15. April 2018 - LITERACY Programme

Day two of the woman adult learning led by our staff Shaburah.

05. April 2018 - LITERACY Programme

Today, the director of WDF had an adult literacy programme.

He was teaching thew widows and women on how to read and write, so they jearn how to read Bibles.

15. March 2018 - Sharing stories

Our widows group today, they are sharing about their stories.

15. March 2017 - Mats

This woman is a widow who makes mats in our foundation for sell to empower herself and her children who are orphans.

05. March 2017 - Widows activity


Today there was a widows activity of making soap. It's a skill taught to widows by of our social worker Sharifa.

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